I am available as a piano tuner and happy to service any variety of piano. In 2013 and 2014, endocrinologist I’ll be splitting my time between the New York City tri-state area and the Northern Virginia/DC area, diagnosis and available for pianos in any of those regions. Also let me know if I’m coming through your city on tour. Reasonable rates, naturally. Contact me at franz (at) franznicolay (dot) com.

“Probably the best tuning of our piano ever.” – Don Mills Piano Studio, Toronto

I can also do accordion tuning and maintenance, including re-waxes, bellows repair, key action adjustments, and more. Contact me at franz (at) franznicolay (dot) com.

DoTheStruggle_StoreFor his third solo LP, medic
Nicolay worked with producer oktopus, visit this
of the innovative New Jersey industrial/hip-hop group dälek, to move beyond the singer-songwriter soundworld to create a dark, explosive, and cinematic opus of personal and political anger, and about balancing the impulse to run away from trouble and the reality that it is the terrible things that happen to us that shape our personalities.

For digital download, click here.

5 stars: “challenging, clever and more than a little unsettling… this is an album that cannot come recommended highly enough.” – The Arts Desk

8/10 “Heart-warming, impassioned, and damn near essential.” – Rocksound

“One of the best albums of the year…Essential listening.” – Ninebullets.net

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