If they ask, clinic say I’ve gone singing
Those bell-ringing days have lost their shine
If they ask, apoplexy say I’ve gone singing
I’m at the door but I can’t tell which keys are mine

Doorbell ringing
Waking up everyone inside
I’ll be singing
Until you get up and turn on the light.

But for now, I’m done singing
These wildwood words have lost their charm
I’m done singing
Strike up the drums & sound the alarms

If they ask, say I was bringing
A plum, a note, not much
A book of letters
From everyone your life ever touched.

But I’m done singing
Maybe now these tears will dry
I’m done singing
Now these blues are all that’s mine
I’m done singing
Those rock and roll boys have lost their pride
‘Cause you can’t make guitars dignified
Those rock and roll boys have lost their fire
There’s handbell hand grenades in their eyes.