I play solo with a banjo, acoustic guitar, accordion, and stories. Sometimes I play with a band, then it’s called Franz Nicolay & Major General.

I have three solo full-lengths, “Major General” (2009), “Luck And Courage” (2010) and “Do The Struggle” (2012); as well as the vinyl-only 10″ “St. Sebastian of the Short Stage” (2009), the remix EP “Unlucky & Discouraged” (2010), the “Live Free” (2011) tour EP, the digital EP “Bad Advice,” and some other miscellany. You can listen to and buy it all digitally at franznicolay.bandcamp.com or physically at my North America or Europe webstore.

My new album, “Do The Struggle,” is out now.

Shot by Maria Sonevytsky and Franz C. Nicolay; edited by Deborah Magosci and Thomas Bayne. Directed by Bradley Kemp with Puppet Kitchen
Directed by Thomas Bayne
Live on WNRN, Charlottesville VA