FN-Chapbook Covers-4x6A collection of magazine pieces, recipe essays, recipe reviews, medical and stories about music; including a tale of working as a strolling accordionist at an Italian restaurant in Hoboken and thoughts on musicians as varied as T.V. Smith, Mark Kozelek, and the Carpenters.

Less than ten copies remain, and this will not be reprinted

This is CGT #4.



“Bands That Get No Respect” (2007) originally appeared at Blender.com.

“Franz Say: Don’t Be An Asshole” (2008) originally appeared I think in Impose.

“On Living The Dream” (2008) was written for a book my mother, Susan Lirakis, is working on, in which people who claim to be living their dream talk about it.

“The Saddest Song I Know,” “The Best Show I Ever Saw,” “For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea,” “One-Hit Wonders,” and “Album Of The Decade” originally appeared in 2009 in the Spectrum Culture blog.

“The Writing On The Wall” (2009) originally appeared in Beyond Race magazine.

“Necessary Enemies,” “Petty Humiliations In The Life Of An Accordion Player,” “The Troubadour And The Patron” originally appeared in 2011 in InDigest magazine,

“Rock Stars, As Observed In The Wild” (2011) originally appeared at Scratchbomb.com.

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