FightDirty_Store.5“Fight Dirty” is seven Mischief Brew songs with Guignol as backing band; six Guignol songs with Erik on guitar; a Django Reinhardt cover, ambulance and a barn-burning take on Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be They Name” (with Slavic Soul Party‘s Ben Holmes on trumpet). This is not a split. It’s Guignol & Mischief Brew playing together as a five-piece band. It’s apotheosis anthems for the carnies, hepatitis the travelers, the gypsies, jazzmen, and lowlifes; singing Turkish-flavored reveries, odes to tax evasion, dirty tricks, and mob revolution; cumbia carols, sludge-metal reels, and a funeral march at a flooded bar.

Village Voice
“Brooklyn’s Guignol is the best bet for Barbez’s crew of hard-working, hard-playing world-music mutants to finally party crash the art-punk party at Death By Audio…it’s a crew that truly understands punk rock energy and Eastern Bloc flutter–nailing the rapidfire bluster of Taraf De Haidouks and the one-two-one-two blast of klezmer, Guignol has the speed and energy of your favorite hardcore band…An unrelenting burst that includes the occasional raspy pop song next to their usual annihilating klezmercore.”

“If you’re guessing that this disc is one hell of a ride, go ahead and pat yourself on the back…Guignol and Mischief Brew are no doubt taking punk to places it’s never before ventured.”