2010: Guignol "Live on WUML 3/9/10"



1. Tea House
2. Gonzalez, The Explosive Chilean
3. Grifter's Delight
4. Pete Merak
5. Ahmet
6. Hallowed Be Thy Name
7. All-Or-Nothing Machine
8. Bad Day at the U.N.


2009: Guignol & Mischief Brew "Fight Dirty" (Fistolo Records)


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I've never had a record out on cassette before. Feels kinda funny.

1. The Tardy Barker
2. Off The Books
3. Gonzalez, The Explosive Chilean
4. Ahmet
5. Fight Dirty
6. Pete Merak
7. Appel Direct
8. Sugar Park Tavern Death Song

9. Hallowed Be Thy Name
10. Create Destroy
11. Branks
12. Dirty Penny's Pogo
13. Mr. Crumb
14. The Elusive Higgs
15. When It Rains
16. The Barking Drunkards

Village Voice
"Brooklyn's Guignol is the best bet for Barbez's crew of hard-working, hard-playing world-music mutants to finally party crash the art-punk party at Death By Audio. With a line-up that includes Hold Steady keyboardist Franz Nicolay crushing an accordion and local clarinet rock star Peter Hess (World/Inferno, Slavic Soul Party, Balkan Beat Box, etc.), it's a crew that truly understands punk rock energy and Eastern Bloc flutter--nailing the rapidfire bluster of Taraf De Haidouks and the one-two-one-two blast of klezmer, Guignol has the speed and energy of your favorite hardcore band. For their second album, Fight Dirty, they teamed with Philadelphia gypsy-crusters Mischief Brew to beef up their sound even more--an unrelenting burst that includes the occasional raspy pop song next to their usual annihilating klezmercore."

"If you're guessing that this disc is one hell of a ride, go ahead and pat yourself on the back...Guignol and Mischief Brew are no doubt taking punk to places it's never before ventured."

Philadelphia Examiner
"[An] all-encompassing umbrella of carnivalesque gypsy punk, wild klezmer, and red wine-soaked Romany jazz...triumphant, uncompromising, both old-timey and modern, rustic and urban, traditional and unconventional, culturally rich but inescapably domestic, complete with anthems for the working class proletariat and hymns for the constitutionally different and instinctively defiant. "Fight Dirty" is an album whose sixteen songs would be just as welcome at a Renaissance Festival in northeastern Pennsylvania as any one of the cramped and sweaty punk venues throughout the world, at an Eastern European gypsy encampment as a down 'n' dirty house show in Jersey, at an anarchist rally in Portland as a hobo gathering near a ramshackle rail yard in New Mexico or a bizarre circus sideshow."

The Big Takeover
"Punks dancing waltzes to Frank Milleresque story lines give way to amped-up Yiddish music about drinking and fighting."


2005: Guignol / Nanuchka "Drink The Best Wine First" (Fistolo Records)

1. Agada
2. Free Parking

3. Red
4. Captain Sensible Calling (feat. Jack Terricloth)


No Front Teeth webzine:

"GUIGNOL / NANUCHKA- 'DRINK THE BEST WINE FIRST' SPLIT CD I can't explain how blow way I was with this split... I was expecting to like it because I really go for the Fistolo style and sound but this knocked me back! GUIGNOL are desribed as 'mad marionette music' and NANUCHKA are defined as 'Firewater meets...the Go-Go's' and that's it...I don't even want to expand on those perfect characterizations so instead I'll just tell you that both bands, bust especially GUIGNOL instantly struck a chord with me that ran deep and shot me back to my childhood listening to my family playing Neapoletan music with wonderful raw energy that I truly believe influenced me and guided me into punk rock...that raw urgency, energy and power. Excellent stuff here that is honestly a rare treat and exactly what I need."


" operating within the realm of centuries-old European traditions and then taking that music into a punk setting, they've created something that sounds at once completely familiar and completely new."


"Guignol plays the real deal gypsy music... The scary kind of music, the type where you know you are being cursed for looking at the circus carnie the wrong way... It's interesting, but I felt as though I was being watched as I listened to the tracks... Those gypsies, you can never tell about them, they're always watching and looking to use their gypsy powers..."


"'ll confuse your friends if you put it on in the car (I know this from experience)."

2004: Guignol "Guignol" (Third Story Records)

1. Bad Day at the U.N.
2. Grifter's Delight
3. Tea House
4. Salt Chunk Mary Fight Song
5. King of Uruk
6. Big Lazy
7. Underground at the Dressler
8. The Wind-Up Bird
9. All or Nothing Machine

2003: Guignol Demo

1. The Wind-Up Bird
2. All or Nothing Machine
3. Bad Day at the U.N.

The demo has been rendered irrelevant by exciting new advances in the Guignol recorded experience.

Mehanata New York Gypsymania compilation (2-disc, $15).

Track listing:
1. Gogol Bordello - Bordello Kind of Guy
2. Hungry March Band - Bubamara
3. Romashka - La Circuma De La Drum
4. Balkan Beat Box & Eugene Hutz - Tromba De Zingari
5. Slavic Soul Party - Cacak Nirdana
6. J.U.F. Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat - Last Wish of The Bride
7. Guignol - All Or Nothing Machine
8. Dolomites - Medecine Shorv
9. Luminescent Orchestrii - Taraf Hijacked
10. Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar - Doli Goka
11. Yuri Yunakov - Balkanalia
12. Yuri Yunakov - Arabski Kjuchek
13. Romashka - Shimdiggy
14. Slavic Soul Party - Missy Sa-Sa
15. Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar - Ani More Nuse
16. Guignol - Agada
17. Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim
18. J.U.F. Gogol Bordello vs. Tamir Muskat - Gypsy Part of Town
19. Hungry March Band - Choli Ke Peechhe
20. Shaat'Nez - Samiao's Day
21. Luminescent Orchestrii - She's a Brick
22. Dolomites - Lizzie Borden
23. Gogol Bordello - Baro Foro

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The Bulgarian Bar comp is still for sale at CDBaby.