Trees are cannibals
They eat their own
Turn the hearts of oak and bark to loam
And limestone
Poor forked radish
Feet set in bone
Concentrate on things you’ve left unfinished
And unknown.

Be of good heart. Our songs will all be silenced.
So what? We’ll go on singing.
Put out the pilot light
And gather up the bottles
The beer will trace the hollows
The remnants of the waters
Of Frankie Stubbs’ tears

You make forgetting look like fun
Standing out there with your coat undone
The centerpiece of the mise-en-scene set in the setting sun
Sight unseen, you could be anyone
The light in your hair and your hands in your jeans
You could be anyone


These are the ways
These are the ways we remember
This is the passage of life through our minds
This is a memory, a weakening pearl in a chain
This is how mysteries form on a grain of sand

Fear is an animal
That feeds alone
Remembered once in haste and once in calm