I was the shadow of a waxwing slain
I was the moonlight on a moving train
I was the center of a circle of light
I was my father’s heart on a youthful night

I was a broken batwing strewn
On a broken street, in a sunken moon
I was the sound of a hunting tune
I am the sound of a hunter’s tune

I was the red king in moonlit flight
I was the danger in a drunken night
I was a ragged dog spoiling for a fight
Saw the death ship sailing when I was five

It’s the devil I love, and the devil must die
Have mercy
I was a leveller, you were a thief
Cry mercy
I was transparent, your motives were murky
Cry mercy, mercy.

Left an Econoline carcass in a desert grave
Front right wheel splayed like a gull’s wing on a tidal wave
It’s who you leave behind, it’s not who you save
That you’ll be judged by
That you are judged by.