You’re my most imperfect rhyme
You’re my favorite waste of time
Skin must learn its lines
You’re my best unforced imperfect rhyme

I am a stranger and a sojourner
Dweller and wanderer
In years of sorrow you will keep
Like you were saved, like you’re asleep

Between the sails and the sheets
In years of sorrow you will sleep
Between the steel and the stone
To years of sorrow we are born

Abel home and Cain the tramp
Fill the fuel and light the lamp
We’re made of sawdust & stone
Scattered elements of home

The howl of blood in the heat
Beneath the bass and the beat
Between the blood and the bone
If you’re alive then you’re alone


I like you best as a melody, not a harmony
I like you best desperate, not sensibly
I like you best incessantly, incredibly
I like you best next to me, baby

But if we’re the company we keep
I must be stupid and cheap
A song’s a waste of your time
If no-one notices or minds