You’re in your element
And your element is a pigsty, a disgrace
Come here again, I’ll rub it in your face.
If God is a monster
And I think yours must be
I’ll gather people and torches to drive you from me.

You owe me nothing
Never owed me a dime.
I’m at the top of the free world with a free beer
And it’s closing time.
Snort the ashes of your cigarillo & I’ll go all night.

Nicotine and ephedrine, codeine and coffee
Nothing too cheap, but nothing too pricey
Only the middle-best for a middle-man like me
Codeine and coffee, Xanax and…
Oh, I don’t know.
But something to pick you up easy, and put you down slow.
You better move fast, if you think you got somewhere to go.

You rascal, I’ll see you dead
I’ll see this guitar bloodied on the side of your head.
I’ll show you how a man’s own tools can be used to build his bed.
It’s a B-list town with a heavy local scene
Whatever happened to Jean the Machine?
Heavy local scene in a B-list town
Low bridge, everybody down
Low bridge, everybody drowned.
Everybody drowned.