It’s a clear day down on second avenue
I’m staring at the wall and dreaming ’cause I don’t have a view
Neither I nor him nor you has any clue of what to do
We’re fidgety and nervous. I can’t help thinking of you.

My throat is getting tight. I’m waiting for someone to call.
If i could afford the bill I’d put my fist through this wall.
I got 800 CDs. I’m still heading for a mini-mall.
‘Cause right now not a word of them is any use to me at all.

Cash in your chips. The pot is getting full.
Even if I had something to add, and I’d never make it through the door.
I’m too tired to turn out the light. No strength to start a fight.
But it’s alright. Nothing but a friend of mine.
It’s alright. Nothing but a waste of my time.
I spend my days in the dark, more about and I spend my nights in the light.
I wander in this world of phantoms trying just to stay out of sight.

I got a desperate streak inside me that I gave up trying to hide.
As it is I’m getting better at saying, “Hey, I’m alright.”
And less and less I mind, well, I don’t care that it’s a lie
‘Cause what the hell, I’m still alive; who’d notice if I died?