Take the corners hard and fast
Hope the tread will hold
The nights were hotter
The days seemed so much colder when
You were younger and living in Boulder
Remember what kind of child you were
Serene and savage, search sensible of grace and cruelty
Just waiting for the fates to fall in place.

And that taste of freedom made you salivate
It’s a delicacy
The only thing sadder than an old hippie is a young hippie
When something’s gone, hygiene it’s gone
And I’ll thank you for your generosity
I will collapse to the best of my ability
Across your body, esophagitis and the borderline.

In a cracked mirror in the bathroom
I watched the English beat the Welsh
Over hotel room service
I took stock, and the coroner’s word for it
It’s a crime, it’s a crime
And we do it to each other the same way every time
When the police come and put the screws to me
I will collaborate to the best of my ability
With your body, and the borderline.

Well, let’s settle this with a little game of rock, paper, scissors, shark,
Neutron bomb, eternal dark, apocalypse, then judgment.
And pretty soon we’ll figure out all that it meant was

Oil rainbow in the road, rock salt to melt the snow
You took out a personal, it said “Likes: yelling Celts
Night people, blast beats, dry heat in a concrete bunker.”
It’s like a dueling scar
Ram Dass sticker on her stepdad’s Volvo in the yard

Take charcoal for the heartburn
Fennel for the morning sickness
The glow around the bathroom door, soon extinguished.
Clouds evolve into rain
Rain slick to chase the heat
I will forget to forget you
And retreat across your body, and the borderline.