asm_foe_store.5Anti-Social Music’s debut record, help Sings The Great American Songbook, was received as everything from “punk’s next breath” (Real Detroit Weekly) to “nearly unlistenable” (Pitchfork). Never ones to take a hint, the incorrigible new-music collective celebrates its tenth anniversary year with “Anti-Social Music Is The Future Of Everything,” a state-of-the-union grab bag that restates ASM’s whiskey-soaked and combat-booted commitment to new chamber music as the last bastion of socially unacceptable sounds. Produced in part by group founder Franz Nicolay, the album finds room for processed water droplets, triangle-driven bastard ragtime, a rec-room mass, the aptly-named “grunt work for the avant-garde,” and a nihilistic setting of Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide note. With artwork by Vice Magazine’s Nicholas Gazin, Anti-Social Music reminds you that things are bad, they’re likely to get worse, and that string quartet on the deck of the Titanic probably wasn’t all that in-tune either.

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